About not taking it with you when you go….

This site is dedicated to the streaming of ideas from all of those fire-hydrants that we keep capped inside of us all.  It is a work in progress.  Its is a new approach.  It is a collaboration, especially for seekers and speakers of the truth.  This is not a part of The Leviathan but rather a thorny adjunct to it.  In here are all manner of pages, and there will be new ones almost daily.  (That’s the plug to encourage you to subscribe to updates).  I also encourage you to perturb my verbosity on any topic you would like any manner of remarks on.  Go for it.  I’m not going to live forever – and remember, that “You can’t take it with you when you go” is bull-shit!  What you take with you when you go are all of those things you have never said, and in so doing, denied the world the benefits of your butterfly-wings that could be already bringing on the hurricanes of change our dear planet so desperately seeks – from wherever it can get good things… like from good people like you.  And for those not-so-good people, we need your voice too, maybe just so we can tune it out.  There are no right answers or wrong questions, though there can certainly be wrong answers to the right questions.  That doesn’t make those wrong answers wrong, perhaps just not right for that question.


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