Keep your eyes on these blogs for the Myth of 2012 pages

As a meteorologist, historical geologist and physical anthropoligist I am already full “up-to-here” with all of these 2012 fatalists and their so called evidence. As a researcher, and well-versed student of archeology (especially as it pertains to precession and timelines recorded and predicted in ‘calendars’ I find no cogent argument to support any of these ‘prophecies’ empirically, in fact find more empirical evidence which would suggest a much simpler and rational explanation to all of these Armageddon Hypothesis.

Two new blogs are being designed and prepared; and which should be online and ready for spirited discussion by the end of October.

In the meantime, please post to this blog or thread comments from this post. All content will be transferred when the new blogs launch.

J.G. Earl sends.

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