Now What? Oh, its just Sharif again.

Oh!  Look!  Its Sharif!
Now, what do you think, people?  Anybody think Bush (or a delegate) called Sharif on the phone, knowing damn  well that Musharraf is about to self destruct?  Oh look, we stood behind Bhutto, and now she’s toast!  I still can’t understand that the world hasn’t figured out that for all the time we spend with our noses in others business, we’re not only no damn good at it, we’re horrible at it. 
And, then there’s the Curse of America.  Its interesting that we no longer have presidents active in diplomacy – this is gettong out of hand.  And Americans wonder why people don’t like us.  It’s because we look like idiots, duh.
Oh, by the way – If its broke, don’t fix it – IT’S BROKEN; CHECK THE DESIGN AND BUILD ANOTHER BETTER ONE.
This affiant sayeth no more.
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